What We Do

We Build High-Performance Teams for Breakthrough Results

We work with:

  • Leadership Teams
  • Programmer Teams
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Production Teams
  • Development Teams

What We Believe
Research shows that when people are aligned around a passionate purpose and a vision that inspires them, amazing results are possible. This individual inner-alignment allows for greater focus, accountability and productivity – resulting in higher-performing teams.

Our Process
The Brain on Future process begins with engaging each team member with the foundational principles of your organization: your company’s purpose, values and vision. Next, we take your team members through an alignment process that allows each team member to connect his/her personal gifts, talent and values with your company’s foundational principles.

Why is this process important? Individual buy-in, or what we call an “ownership mindset.” The ownership mindset is created when each team member expands his/her commitment to the company beyond a job description and commits to the purpose and success of the entire organization. This shift in vision and responsibility allows the team member to express his/her talent and look for ways to help the company grow, instead of simply complying with company policies for a pay-check.

What Does an Ownership Mindset Mean to You as a Leader?

Team members who are inspired and who adopt an ownership mindset are more likely to be responsible for the overall success of your organization. Ownership mindset increases each team member’s focus and commitment to growing the company and taking care of your customers.

How We’re Different

The Brain on Future training course provides your team members with the tools and structure to tap into their power, creativity and purpose, and to bring those resources to your company to generate off-the-chart results.

1. Ownership Mindset

Ownership mindset is a way of being in which each team member not only takes ownership for his/her individual role within your organization, but also takes ownership for the success of the whole company.

Why this is important to you? Ownership mindset eliminates the excuses, procrastination and nonsense that hinders your organization from reaching its optimal performance.

2. Letting Go of the Past

Sometimes changes in the world or your company challenge you and your team to let go of the past and embrace a new future. Each team member needs to be aware of and willing to question the certainty of his/her previous way of thinking and be open to new thoughts and ideas to thrive in today’s economy. We give your people a new way to view their situation and circumstances, so they are free to see new possibilities not visible before.

Why is this important to you? We give your team a strategy for transforming challenges into opportunities for breakthrough performance. We have a unique way of identifying the detractors that hold your people back from performing at their best.

3. Customized Solutions

Most training companies bring a cookie-cutter approach to training and aligning your team. Brain on Future is an organic process in which we allow your people to participate in the process of empowering themselves to greater levels of productivity and performance.

Why is this important to you? Sustainability. Our process impacts your organization today and for years to come for continued personal accountability, performance and productivity.

Dr. Amy Thompson of New Life Dental Care says her team interacts seamlessly after Brain on Future:

“Thanks to Larry, my team interacts almost seamlessly now. We still have our bumps and breakdowns in the road but … we now have the tools to handle them. And I don’t have to be in charge of handling them now. My team knows how to resolve issues with each other. My team listens not only to each other now. They listen to our patients; they listen when they are on the phone; and they listen when a patient is in the chair. Our patients feel like they are being heard and they are getting the best dental care possible.”
– Dr. Amy Thompson

How to Hire Us

We offer coaching packages and training packages.

Coaching Packages

Our coaching packages:

  • Clarify and establish individual and company values
  • Identify roles, goals and expectations for each individual
  • Help team members identify their detractors that prevent optimal performance
  • Give team members communication tools to work with each other and your customers
  • Give team members a strategy for transforming challenges into opportunities for breakthrough performance

Types of coaching packages available to you:

  • Month to month
  • Three month
  • Six month 
  • Yearly

Training Packages

We train your entire organization. Brain on Future training packages are designed to allow each team member the structure and opportunity to tap into his/her creativity and purpose and direct that power and focus into tangible actions to forward the success of your company.

Types of trainings available to you:
Brain On Future training programs are designed to engage, align and tune your team for maximum performance. The trainings are fun and interactive. Participants are enrolled to expand their responsibility beyond their job description to taking an active part in the success of the overall organization.

Contact us if your team is experiencing the issues listed below:

  • Kick off the New Year or Quarter.
  • New program and initiative launch
  • Sluggish team performance
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Missing goals and deadlines
  • Poor sales and customers service performance

Training Sessions:

  • ½ day team tune-up
  • Full day tune-up
  • 2 Day complete Brain On Future Training Program
  • 2 Day complete training with w/90day coaching package

Brain On Future training programs are designed for sustainability. Unlike some training programs where participants are given information and scripts to memorize, Brain ON Future trainings are designed for participants to create a mindset and game plan to generate immediate breakthrough results for your company.

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