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Team BuildingWe Build High-Performance Teams for Breakthrough Results

Brain on Future Technologies aligns, engages and inspires individuals, creating a powerful collaborative team to generate breakthrough results. Research has proven that when people are aligned around a passionate purpose and a vision that inspires them, amazing results are possible. 

Brain on Future provides coaching and training for leaders, managers, teams and individual team members to impact accountability, productivity and profitability.

About Larry Ransom

Brain on Future was created and founded by Larry Ransom.

Larry’s passion is to empower individuals to take responsibility for their passionate purpose and creativity, so they can produce results beyond what they might normally imagine. Larry believes in the concept of ownership mindset, where each team member not only takes ownership for his/her individual role within the team, but also takes ownership of the overall success of the organization.

Once team members have been given the tools and strategies to tap into their power and passion, Larry gives them the opportunity to invest and commit themselves as a member of the team and to take a stand for the overall objectives and vision of the organization.

Larry’s focus is to produce results you can measure. Larry’s technology for aligning, engaging and inspiring your team equates to results that you can see and measure within 90 days or less. 

A leading real estate company generated $86,000 in un-expected commissions in the first six weeks after taking the Brain on Future course. Working with an engineering company,  they generated over $500,000 in new contracts within the first four months of the team engaging in the Brain on Future Technologies. A luxury furniture and design store salesperson tripled her sales within the first three months of working with Brain on Future.

Brain On Future at Microsoft Corporation

Brain On Future at Microsoft Corporation

"Moving forward, the leaders on my team have the tools now, when confronted with obstacles to work through and around those challenges, and take responsibility for them instead of being stuck."
Chris Shaffer, Microsoft

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Larry Ransom is founder and president of The Synergy Network and Brain on Future. He earned his master’s degree in organizational development and executive coaching from Bastyr University. Larry worked for over 10 years with Jim Bergquist, founder and president of bizFutures Consulting Company, coaches to the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market.

Larry has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Hallmark and more, providing his expertise as a trainer and coach in building high-performance cultures and teams.

Selected companies Larry has worked with:

  • Starbucks
  • Microsoft
  • Hallmark
  • FSI Engineering
  • Clean Crawls
  • Paper Zone
  • Century 21
  • Kroger

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