Attention: CEOs, Company Owners and Managers who are ready to have your team or staff perform at a higher level now!

Are you fed up with:

  • Poor sales performance from your team
  • Mediocre product production from your team
  • Missing goals and deadlines
  • Excuses and stories instead of  high performance

Are you fed up with good and average and you want your team to be GREAT!

Learn the 5 principles for building high performance teams that produce breakthrough results right away.

From the desk of Larry Ransom,

Dear Friend,

As owners and managers in today’s economy, you are challenged more than ever to create and produce more with less.

Your team is an untapped resource that can boost your company’s performance once aligned with 5 key principles. Starting Wednesday September 25th I will be conducting a 6 week training for leaders called: "Brain on Future: Generating Breakthrough Results for Greater Profitability, Team Performance and Employee Accountability."

The course is designed to give leaders the tools they need to get greater accountability, performance and productivity from their teams.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Ever feel frustrated because your team is performing at a level far below what you know they can do? You know they can do better but you just do not know how to get it out of them.
  • Some team members have become victims of circumstances and situations. They use the economy, or complain about their tools, technology or other team members as the reason for poor performance.
  • Do you get sick and tired of the excuses and the stories for why your company or department is not performing to the standards you have set.
  • Team members are locked into their job description. They have blinders on and are not willing to see how they can contribute to the company’s overall success beyond their job description.
  • Team members or departments are at odds with each other as if they were separate competing companies.

Have you considered investing in your team?

Pareto’s rule suggests that 20% of your people are responsible for 80% of the production or something close to these numbers…..How about yours?

What if you were able to transform those disengaged unmotivated employees into highly motivated, inspired and engaged employees. What could this mean for production and profitability in your company?

We have clients that are reaching their goals in half the time they did prior to working with us. Some are also breaking sales and production records and you will too.

"People need a purpose that inspires them and calls forth their gifts and talents."

The Brain on Future Training gives leaders the tools and strategy to get the best from your team.

Brain On Future at Microsoft Corporation

From team fragmentation and overwhelm to tens of thousands dollars in productivity. Listen for how Brain on Future saved them thousands.

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Brain on Future was created and founded by Larry Ransom.

Larry’s passion is to empower individuals to take responsibility for their passionate purpose and creativity, so they can produce results beyond what they might normally imagine. Larry believes in the concept of ownership mindset, where each team member not only takes ownership for his/her individual role within the team, but also takes ownership of the overall success of the organization.

Once team members have been given the tools and strategies to tap into their power and passion, Larry gives them the opportunity to invest and commit themselves as a member of the team and to take a stand for the overall objectives and vision of the organization.

Larry’s focus is to produce results you can measure. Larry’s technology for aligning, engaging and inspiring your team equates to results that you can see and measure within 90 days or less. 

A leading real estate company generated $86,000 in un-expected commissions in the first six weeks after taking the Brain on Future course. Working with an engineering company, they generated over $500,000 in new contracts within the first four months of the team engaging in the Brain on Future Technologies. A luxury furniture and design store salesperson tripled her sales within the first three months of working with Brain on Future.

Larry Ransom Is the Founder and President of The Synergy Network, he is the Author of "TAG You’re it!: Creating a Life of Greatness" And the Creator of "BrainONFuture tm Technologies." Larry has an MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences and Executive Coaching.

He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks, Microsoft, Hallmark, Kroger and more, providing his expertise as a trainer and coach in building high-performance teams.  He worked with Bizfutures as a senior consultant who were the coaches to the "world famous" Pike Place Fish Mongers in Seattle Wash who are world famous for being a high performance team that breaks records for sales and customer service.

Brain On Future and FSI Engineering of Seattle

Brain On Future and FSI Engineering of Seattle

See how FSI Engineering Company produced over $300,000 of unexpected business.

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Learn the art of getting more for less!

In today’s tough economic landscape before looking outside at areas to invest in such as marketing or hiring more people, or investing in more technologies etc. Invest in building a High Performance Team.

This is where you truly get more for less.

Investing in building a high performance team could be the difference between reaching your goal for this year or not.

It's easy for some business owners and managers to look at investing in equipment and technology to grow their business, but what about those people who are sitting there right now. Really folks you might as well let them go. They are underutilized and sick and tired. But if you invested in them for the most part they would become aligned, engaged, and inspired. Think of the difference that they would make for your clients and your company.

The problem….The American workplace is designed to get people to comply with the wishes of management to keep their job. Compliance gets you good or average…but never greatness.

If you want greatness, if you want your team to perform at the highest level, you have to invest in them and create it.

The Real Secret

Human beings are designed to serve and contribute once they have a compelling reason or purpose to work for. We have the technology, the process and structure for your people to discover or re-discover their own purpose for giving their best. What does this mean for you?

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased production
  • Improved customer service
  • Boost in overall profitability

Introducing Brain on Future: Generating Breakthrough Results for Greater Profitability, Team Performance and Employee Accountability.

In this course we will teach you how to get your employees to be self-motivated and self-accountable to reach your objectives.

You will learn the secret to getting your team to see your business holistically and be more committed and accountable to the overall success of the organization.

Instead of asking you employees to comply with the rules to keep their job Brain On Future Technology is based on a unique process that allows individual leaders and team members to discover their own inspiration and motivation for making a difference in your company.

Now here is just a taste of what you WILL get with the Brain on Future: Generating Breakthrough Results for Greater Profitability, Team Performance and Employee Accountability.

You will learn how to:

  • Re-align yourself to your company’s purpose
  • Create a unified, collaborative and engaged team
  • Gain clarity about your goals, projects and vision
  • Get acutely aware and honest about where you are currently with your company goals, objectives, projects and vision
  • Identify the challenges and obstacles that are blocking you from achieving your company goals
  • Re-establish your values
  • Transform your challenges and obstacles into projects for increased productivity and profitability
  • Utilize resources that you never knew you had.
  • Create a game plan for yourself and your team members for increased performance and productivity
  • Create an environment for greater individual and team accountability
  • Re-energize and re-vitalize your team members
  • Use a strategic communication model that moves your projects and goals forward at lightning speed.
  • Get our powerful formula for highly supercharged effective meetings that generate clarity and action.

Here are the 6 Modules that will be offered every two weeks beginning Tuesday September 24th:

Module 1 “Creating a Launching Pad for Success”
Learn the 5 Brain On Future Principles, Course Agenda and Orientation.

Module 2 “Identifying Your Company DNA”
Aligning your team with your purpose, vision and values
Create alignment, focus and traction for success with your team.

Module 3 “Creating the Gap”
Generate clarity about where you are now and where you want to go with your projects and goals.

Module 4 “Ownership Mindset” The key To “Crossing the Gap” and reaching your goals. Identify and demystify the detractors that try to prevent  you and your team from reaching your goals.

Module 5 “Engage & Access Resources”
Access and engaging the resources that you never knew you had. 

Creating a powerful game-plan for success for you and your team members. There is no such thing as lazy or unmotivated employees.
All that is missing is a game worth playing. We will show you how.

How to communicate with laser like effectiveness that gains you the traction you need to get results Now!

All sessions are recorded and you can listen at any time if you can’t make the scheduled time.

Sounds Great! But what’s this going to cost me?

Consider it an investment, because it is. It’s an investment in the future of your company and your people. Instead of investing new technology or hiring more people invest in the ones you have. Our clients are making thousands by simply tapping in to the minds, talents and hearts of their people.

Listen to how Brain On Future and New Life Dental Snohomish Washington

Brain On Future and New Life Dental Snohomish Washington

Brain On Future and New Life Dental Snohomish Washington

“We doubled our business! Larry helped my team go from good to great."

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Still wondering if "Brain ON Future Leadership: Creating High Performance Teams" course is right for you?

Ask yourself this: Where will I be in three months?

Will you still be struggling with your team Not getting the production you need to keep your business profitable?

Will you still be frustrated knowing that your team is under achieving while you know in your heart they can do more?

Or, will you invest in yourself and your team, gain the clarity and focus you must have to complete your projects and reach your goals this year.

There is still time now to finally give your team the training and attention they need to produce at the levels necessary to fulfill your vision.

Your investment normally would be $1997.00

Special online promotion is only $1297 save $700 today!

The best part of the training is how easy it's going to be for you to make your investment back. Each game plan you create for your team is an opportunity to lower expenses, increase sales and production for the life of your company.

Let's take a moment to flip this around.

How much does it cost you when your team under performs?

What does it cost you emotionally as a leader to continue to have the same strategy with your team and getting the same results?

Brain On Future and C21 Real Estate Lynnwood Washington

Brain On Future and C21 Real Estate Lynnwood Washington

From excuses and frustration to a 38% increase in business..

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Our Golden Guarantee

Good News! You are not taking a risk with this investment, because it’s backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are 100% confident that this Brain On Future Training will boost your clarity and confidence and help you build a high performance team. Take the first 3 modules and immerse yourself in the trainings and the valuable calls we are providing. If after 90 days of taking the training and doing the assignments that are given, you find that the program isn’t for you, let us know and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.


So are you ready to take your first step NOW to build a
High Performance Team?

Enroll Here Now

Pay in full only $1297.00


P.S. Have questions? Please contact Larry Ransom. Email for questions